Proprietary Solutions


The software most used by the best public and private organizations, a system that facilitates, automates and monitors all aspects related to privacy

A sophisticated and complex engine for a very simple user interface  

Assessment initial and ongoing monitoring over time •Path driven interactive (GDPR step by step) 

Automatic suggestion system of security measures •Census, Monitoring, and Analysis of Treatments 

Census, Monitoring and Analysis Asset 

Complete management of GDPR Users Notifications Management e-mail 

Organizational Policy •Private Area profiling Role for with system Alerting 

Administration Panel for total customization of the platform 

Impact study on the protection of data (DPIA) 

Document archiving in accordance with the documents

Generation of organizational documentation and customization of models (appointments, powers of attorney, authorizations) 

Generation of information for those concerned 

Advanced Dashboard for the immediate and impact analysis 

Hierarchical Organization headquarters: The possibility of organizing the treatments through the definition of an organization both logistical 

(offices, administrative area, organizational units, offices, etc.) 

Either through the definition of a Manager associated with the management of the structure. 

Privacy by Design •Privacy by Default 

Support for the preparation of the documentation for the verification of any date Breach 

DPIA according to guidelines ISO / IEC 29134: 2017 

Link Analysis based on graph Visualization 

RSS Feed directly with the Supervisor portal Privacy (deactivated) 

 Summary Report with the result of the Risk Policy with a forensic value of Probation 

Entering contracts (as well as the appointment/removal) relative to external / vendor managers


OCULUS is a tool specifically designed to solve
the problem of the complexity of IT infrastructures.
A complete display of all data center information,
incorporating those already collected and present in the management systems in contextual mode and through a graph display,
allowing the IT team to have important data to work on and
perform its data monitoring and analysis work to the best of its ability.
All available from a single centralized console.

     Our Technology Partners 

                                      Entheos specializes in GDPR projects

After addressing the issue of GDPR from the point of view of Governance by developing the UNIO platform, Our company considered it essential to integrate the platform with the best technology available on the market in terms of the security of deconstructed data in order to make "scientifically" reliable information managed by UNIO.

The VARONIS platform identifies and classifies those data (with particular reference to sensitive data), which are nested in the shared files and which represent the real threat for security purposes. 

The ability to verify who and how access such data, detecting and reporting malevolent behavior with the ability to choose between different levels of intervention, makes VARONIS comparable to an experienced human manager.

With regard to the security of the Databases, the solution selected by Ehnteos is IMPERVA, undisputed market leader.

The IMPERVA platform monitors all access to sensitive data by alerting and blocking database attacks in real time  and unauthorised activities.

Software vulnerabilities are detected and virtual patching is performed. Users who exceed their rights and inactive users are also identified, allowing a full rights review cycle.