The Power of Intent

"The computer is incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Man is incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. The marriage of the two is a force beyond calculation."  A. Einstein

Gems of...  Beppe Carrella

Let's look at Big Data. They are analyzed with old technologies and methods. Does this make sense? And then, along with big data, the phenomenology of Small Data spreads. If you have little data, what do you do? Do you quit? Research is also going ahead on this front, to produce analyzes that are consistent. And it's a very open world...

From "Artificial Intelligence: from the stone guest to the silicon guest"  

 by Beppe Carrella, for Techeconomy 2030

The ancient Greeks tried to associate the brain with the most advanced instrument of the time: the catapult. Leibinz found a correspondence with the mill; with the arrival of the 'Jaquard' loom, the association was immediate. In 1791 Galvani postulates that electricity exists as a force within the body. And, immediately the Frankenstein era starts: the possibility of building living beings with a simple energy transplant; even more immediate association with telephone exchanges.
Only a few years ago the 'thinkers' assured us of the incredible analogy of our brain with the computer and today it's the turn of the pair of silicon and artificial intelligence. In short: to every stage of its ignorance, man uses the latest technological discovery to conceal its lack of knowledge.
Knowledge has much to do with ambition. Ambition (from exchange, whose Greek root also means wingspan) is nothing more than the maximum distance between one wing and the other; in other words: ambition is what you manage to extend your wings. Ambition also evokes another meaning linked to the past: the journey that the rulers undertook each year to delimit the perimeter of their territory. So having an Ambition, cultivating it and putting it into practice, means at least being able to constantly ask two questions: is the goal within the reach of my wingspan? Do I have the right to reclaim this territory?

A chain formed by many links that start from knowledge and awareness: exactly in this order. You acquire knowledge and this gives awareness of your own possibilities in relation to what you do or want to undertake. In practice, while for the birds the wingspan is fixed, for us humans the wingspan grows with our continuous constancy to learn more and more.
I would like to start right here, try to clean up and try to extend our wingspan to the meanings of artificial intelligence to understand its impacts in terms of sustainability and make our silicon guest an ally and not an enemy, without hiding the dangers of the journey...

New Approaches to Quantum Physics 

"Completion and Unification of Quantum Mechanics With Einstein's GR Ideas: Completion of QM"

      di    Zoran Majkic, Nova Science Pub. Inc. Editore        

This unique manuscript presents a novel approach to QM by modelling an elementary particle via 3D matter/energy density, which propagates in the open time-space continuum as a rest mass energy density wave packet. This simple idea is based on the fact that any macroscopic object of mass M that occupies a finite 3D volume V can be represented by an energy-density contained in V, so that the integration of this energy-density over V provides the total energy E = Mc^2 . This new theory is fully integrated with the theory of relativity, and completes the quantum theory of Einstein by overcoming the Copenhagen interpretation. The newly introduced partial differential equations describe the relativistic phenomena and, generally, the dependence of a particle's geometrical form (its internal matter distribution) on its velocity and acceleration. A number of well-known physical principles are obtained as derived results of this theory, and are consolidated by a number of detailed examples. Part I, which is dedicated to the completion of QM, is composed of five Chapters. In the first two chapters, the nucleus is analysed in terms of the material discussed. Chapter Three is dedicated to the development of the Lagrangian density for the complex wave packets of the rest mass energy density of an elementary particle, and to the new quantum field theory. Zoran Majkic  obtained the set of new non-Hamiltonian TSPF quantum operators, parameterised by the vector velocity field of energy density with corresponding Hilbert spaces for accelerated particles, and these were valid in any (infinitesimal) local Minkowski time-space. The main results are the new differential equations obtained as conservation laws for Noether currents and Euler-Lagrange equations, which express the exact form of the complex terms used in the differential equations in Chapters One and Two, and introduce the most useful concept of the velocity for any infinitesimal amount of the energy density flux of a particle (the hidden variables). 


Entheos, from the Greek en-theos, 

which composes the word enthusiasm, 

represents exactly what inspires the daily work of our company.
Success is directly proportional to the level of enthusiasm that a company manages to maintain over time.

     Competence, masters, recognition, role are not enough.

It takes love