SW Development

Engineers, systems engineers, developers...
"Without going to Silicon Valley, it would be enough to read with attention good literature, from the Adventures of Pinocchio to Don Quixote, where disobedience and the will to pursue dreams come first. The goal is not to deconstruct or disassemble, but to create and change, trying to leave behind more things done for those who will come after you. " Beppe Carrella"

The concept of efficiency implies that all elements of unpredictability are eliminated, but creativity and innovation feed on unforeseen events.

Efficiency in managing unpredictability is the real challenge

Writing code is an art form:
is the magic that allows to make possible what would otherwise be impossible thanks to the creative ability of those who "rationally use the heart"


Python and Django are one of the preferred choices for high-level architectures, integrating with C or Perl for low-level tasks, Swift and Java for iOS/ android and C ++ / C mobile applications#.


We design and implement scalable solutions based on Microsoft technologies .NET. The application of .NET  technologies allows the development of software solutions both for internet, for Corporate intranet and for client/server environments. In Microsoft, the activity is mainly focused on the products of the server platform (SQL Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint) and the framework .NET.


We design and implement scalable solutions based on Java, J2EE, JSP, Swing, Servlet, Spring, Struts, Junit, Javascript, XSLT, HTML, Java Server Faces (JSF), Angular JS technologies.